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Assassin X map pack 1
Filename: assassinxmappack1.zip

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Assassin X
Maps > Map Packs

Average User Rating: 7.2
Number of Votes: 6
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Assassin X map pack 1 - File Description  

map pack 1 this pack is all of Assassin X resent maps in one pack

Ok this is the Mental Hospital map but EXTREMly better. I added a crashed bus. Dead bodies. Skeletons, and I added some more static meshes along with editing what was in the map. Now it look like it was a raid and everything was set up strategically. This is on map you have to see. Plus there are tons of weapons plus some very sweet hiding spots along with a hard to find Cobra Cannon.

CarnyTown EXTRME
Ok this is the CarnyTown map but even better as with all my EXTRME MAPS! It has more psycho carnival stuff like mazes, more mirrors in the mirror house with special effects, hidden weapons and spots!

Embarcadero EXTRME
Its Embarcadero but expanded and has a train station lunch break area and a bunch of hidden and sweet spots!!

RiversOfWaiste EXTREME
Ok THIS is the DDM-RiversOfWaiste but now a EXTREME version. Like the DDM-Mental this is indoors and was harder to fix up. I added more stuff including a new thing that will hopefully catch on........tons of greens in the tunnels making it a nightmare to see through!!

Its just the sniper map except way better. Has more spots more stuff
Dead Bodies
Cobra Gun
Antique Gun
And tons of other hidden things

Ok THIS is the CTF-UNION map. This is the first map I worked on but havenít released because of a error I couldnít fix. But now its fixed! The map got boring so I changed everything. Mostly the outside. There are some minor indoor changes like Guard House by the flag and so on. But the outside is the best!

This time itís the PARKING map which personally I cant stand. As I started I didnít have any hope for it until I starting working on it! It now a post-apocolyptic map. Blown up cars lots of skeletons in rubble. Basically it looks like a nuke hit the parking garage!

More tactical spots but nothing to new weapon wise. No Cobras, PLaser or Antique Machine Gun because this map isnít meant for those!

Ok THIS is the DDM-ParkinXL but EXTREME! Unlike my Parking(Smaller one) which was more of a apocalyptic map this one looks more like a real car garage. A lot more cars and a special treat on the lowest level. Although the ďTreatĒ had some thigns taken out because I couldnít get the Models to spawn Online!

Assassin X map pack 1 - Screenshots  
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Assassin X map pack 1 - User Comments  
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Total comments: 3 | Last comment: 04-25-2003 at 00:45

 #1 - More maps then that.. - 04-24-2003 at 19:53
Joined: April 23rd, 2003
Posts: 5
I also have Parking, Parking XL and a bunch more!

 #2 - 04-24-2003 at 23:10
Joined: June 30th, 2002
Posts: 115
me bad hehe I thoght I got all the maps on the list, ok fixed big grin

 #3 - 04-25-2003 at 00:45
Joined: April 23rd, 2003
Posts: 5
You lazy bum!Aaargh!!!

Get off yur butt and stop drinkingBeer! Beer!

Just kidding.lol big grin

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